How to start presentation

Get people attention right from a presentation beginning – winning strategy. Every time when you present something think about it like a small theater.  And use every possibility to get into your listeners mind.

Here is 7 pieces of advice how to make your presentation better.

Plan before start

You should have a plan before you go to scene.

Get ready before show begins

Prepare all materials you need before start. Do not waste a precious time to shuffle papers.

Don’t afraid unpredictable

You should be ready that something goes wrong. And you have to be calm.

Imagine what to do if during your speech a ladder will fall on you. Or if some foe will make evil comments.

Take people attention from the start

Give most interesting facts and information right from the start. Don’t be boring. You have only 60 seconds to intrigue people

Use your fear

If you are afraid – use it. Tell people about it. People love stories.

Know your public

You have 60 seconds to interest people, to let them know that you have something interesting right for this audience.

So it’s good idea to know who are listening you.

Be yourself

To be yourself – best strategy. But be a little better yourself. Don’t forget – every speech is a show. Use your chance!

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